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Compact cameras, drummers and big dreams ...

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So I was planning future projects in my business and thinking about how far I have come (and how far I've yet to go) when I suddenly remembered this picture I took of Drummer Dave Weckl when I went to see his band back in 2000 at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Taken backstage on a Praktica 35mm compact film camera - (we are talking the cheapest camera - it cost £20 and was bright blue if you can imagine!?) - god I can still hear the skin crawlingly embarrassing 'ping' that the shutter button made which made him laugh - and makes me laugh every time I look at that picture ... it just made me think that back then, I never would have thought that I would have a photography business let alone be lucky enough to photograph so many fantastic musicians ...
p.s. I have been lucky enough to photograph Dave Weckl a further 3 times over the years - thankfully with much better camera equipment ;)

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